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Do you like your hair ultra-short or are you into glamorous evening looks? You find the most beautiful haircuts and hair styles right here. We show you all the best styles for short and long hair and let you in on the up and coming trends.

Our extremely friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff will craft your hair exactly how you imagine it to at its very best.

L'Perfection provide a full wedding service for Brides and Grooms. All our treatments are available for trial in advance of your big day at half the normal price - making sure you get exactly the look and style that you want for your ceremony.

Our experienced staff will ensure that your wedding hair & makeup are exactly right - to L'Perfection!

Hair extensions, also called hair weaves, are lengths of real or synthetic hair that are closely attached to a person's scalp, adding length and/or thickness to the person's own natural hair. There are several different systems for attaching hair extensions, some of which are longer lasting than others. When well matched in color and texture, and professionally applied by a competent stylist, hair extensions are designed to mix in and move naturally with a person's own hair, making it difficult to tell the person is wearing them. They can provide volume, extend hair, and add highlights or lowlights. With the proper maintenance, some extensions can last up to a full year before they need to be removed.

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